Proper Method To Store Your Winter And Summer Tyres!

The season is changing rapidly and now the monsoon is almost over. So naturally, the winters are fast approaching. And in a blink of an eye, they would be here. The roads would e full of ice, and snow and would be slippery.

Summer tyres are already ready to go back to storage until the next summer. But, do you store them properly?

The majority of the drivers don’t even know about the importance of using different Tyres Widnes in different seasons. And the ones that know, don’t keep their other season tyre safely. Tyre storage is a big issue that determines the quality and health of your tyre until you use them again. Car tyres are costly. So, you wouldn’t want to buy them again and again.

That is why we are here with this blog to educate you on how to properly store your tyres until you have to use them again.

What is the best way to store your tyres at home?

Before you decide to pack your tyre for the shelves, you need to checklist some points. First of all, make sure that your tyres are clean and entirely free from any kind of foreign materials such as dust, debris, salt, etc. It is much easier to clean your tyre once you take them out of your car.

You need to deep clean your tyres before tucking them away. So, use detergent water or a cleanser to clean your tyre. Take a brush and apply the cleanser with it, all over your tyre surface. Leave it there for a moment. Wait until the foam rises with all the cakey substances in it. Now, gently rub the surface of your tyre with the brush and wash them off using a hose pipe.

Ring a microfiber towel and dry pat your tyres to clean them. Next, find a big plastic bag and put each tyre into a different one. Now, use a vacuum to suck out all the air inside of the plastic bag and make it completely air-tight. Repeat this step for all your tyres.

Air-tight bags reduces the evaporation level and prevents the tyres from cracking due to inactivity. It is crucial because tyres can dry out if their natural oil evaporates while in storage.

Storage of winter tyres:

It is really important to find a proper place to store your winter tyres. You should consider a place where you can keep them away from UV rays and sunlight. Plastic bags might get hot if stays under direct sunlight for a long.

A garage or shed would do the job. You shouldn’t keep your winter tyres in the open air. Keep them in rooms with moderate ventilation.

Now, if you are storing them with wheels, keep them in the vertical position. But if you are keeping the wheels on the tyre, keep them or attack them in a horizontal position.

Proper storage for summer tyres:

Storage of summer tyres in the winter can be really difficult. The tyre might crack due to the cold. They have soft rubber composition and less elasticity. So, they are more prone to cracking in the winter.

Hence, store them inside and don’t keep them in an open space. Keep them in an internal home garage. This will also help as the heart from inside will maintain the temperature for their storage.

How long can we store a tyre in good condition?

You must change or replace your tyres after every 3 to 10 years, depending on the severity of the tyre damage. But if you don’t use your tyre frequently, you can change them every 6 to 10 years. Airtight bags can keep them good for at least 6 years.

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