How To Drive Efficiently On Snow?

Snow or ice changes the nature of road surfaces completely. An icy surface is extremely slippery. Therefore, it is hard to maintain proper grip and traction on these surfaces. Moreover, freezing temperature causes hardness in the rubber of your car tyres. As a result, they become unable to hold the road surface in cold conditions.

Because of these risks, driving in winter conditions is never easy. Your standard Tyres Alvediston will wear out quickly in cold conditions. However, you can reduce the bad effects with the help of buying appropriate tyres and ensuring proper maintenance.

Apart from buying effective tyres, you need to use some tips that are valuable for driving in the winter months.

Let us look at the common tips to drive efficiency in the winter season. Of course, we will look at the efficiency of your tyres in the winter season as well.

Before You Start Your Journey

Before leaving your home, you must have proper knowledge about the route and the destination. Make sure to check local reports to be aware of weather conditions.

If snow accumulates on the windows, lights and mirrors of your car, you have to remove it completely. Driving with snow on the vehicle is highly risky.

Make sure that the fuel tank is full to avoid any unfavourable circumstances in the middle of your journey. Check the windscreen washer and use a strong antifreeze concentration to prevent freezing of the fluid on the windscreen glass.

Keep an emergency kit in your car. This kit should have necessary items like a toolbox, first-aid box, torch, food, drinks, and clothes.

When You Are On The Road

Most importantly, you should drive your vehicle smoothly on snowy roads. Smooth driving reduces the chances of road accidents when road conditions are not favourable.

Drive your car slowly since slow speed provides more time to respond when you stop or accelerate your car. Use the second gear to reduce the chances of skidding.

It is a safe decision if you maintain the proper distance between your vehicle and the vehicle before you. Sometimes, tyres do not stop the vehicle at the correct distance in rainy or icy weather. Thus, maintaining a safe distance saves you from negative outcomes.

Using Winter Tyres in Cold Conditions

This is the most important tip to drive your vehicle in cold weather. When the temperature is near zero and roads are full of snow or ice, you have to use a set of winter tyres.

Winter tyres are really effective in these conditions.

Winter tyres consist of a softer rubber compound that remains soft when the temperature is below 7 degrees. Therefore, these tyres are able to hold the roads effectively in the winter months.

Winter tyres come with a tread pattern that is very effective on snowy roads. They have smaller blocks called sipes to disperse extra water more efficiently. The deeper tread construction of winter tyres makes them ideal for snowy roads since these blocks are filled with snow and snow holds a snowy surface well.

Install winter tyres in your vehicle when the temperature is below 7 degrees. Winter tyres are ideal for dry cold roads and they are efficient on wet roads as well. Therefore, you can use them on snowy or wet roads in rainy or snowy weather. Read – Why Should I Install Premium Tyres?

Consider The Mechanical Condition of Your Tyres

Winter tyres are effective in cold conditions. However, you have to consider that they must have the proper mechanical and physical conditions to function well in harsh road and weather conditions.

Worn out and old tyres would not work efficiently to meet your goals.

Tyres come with a proper tread pattern but the tread part starts to wear out slowly due to harsh road or weather conditions. You have to keep an eye on the tread depth to ensure the proper performance of your tyres. Whenever you observe that the tread depth is below 1.6mm, change your tyres instantly.

Moreover, check your tyres for the signs like bulges, cuts and cracks. These signs show that your tyres are ageing or they have faced impact damage. These conditions are not repairable. Therefore, you have only one option to change your tyres.

Never drive with damaged and old Tyres Shaftesbury since it is highly risky. Do not expect to get proper performance from your old and worn tyres. We told you about many features of your winter tyres but these features are useful only when you maintain your tyres well.

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