Best Performing Tyres from Yokohama Rubber Company

Best Performing Tyres from Yokohama Rubber Company

To start with, we all looking for a tyre that gives the best performance at an affordable price range, am I wrong? However, not many premium companies provide the tyre ai budget. Also, not many affordable companies come with the best-performing tyres that are as good as the premium ones. Hence, a little bit of research is compulsory if you are a budget buyer. What if we say that we might have a recommendation that promises the best of the best quality tyres comes to your doorstep without bearing any fortune?Such a good deal, right? Well! We present you the Yokohama Tyres Reading, one of the best sellers in Asia. To know more about the brand and its best tyres, simply dive into this blog.

About the Brand:

Considerably, Yokohama tyres are the seventh largest tyre and rubber manufacturer in the world, with over a century of experience in the industry. However, this brand is the second biggest tyre industry in Asia, based out of Japan. Yokohama entered the game in 1916 as a premium tyre company. The brand continues to provide highly qualified and ultra-performance tyres ever since its emergence. Over the years, the brand developing its own formula to ride up as many as possible. Hence, Yokohama is now promoting the best tyres for passenger cars, SVS, trucks, Heavy vehicles, and even fast racing cars.

Reasons Behind the Success of Yokohama

Yokohama Tyres takes care of many quality and performance concerns in order to produce the best tyres. Here are some of those:

Treading and Rubber

Considerably, Yokohama tyres are the most long-lasting tyres ever. However, the company only uses the best raw material in making all these tyres. Well, all the Yokohama tyres include a high content of specially engineered natural rubber. Also, these tyres come with deeper treads, after all. Hence, these tyres promote excellent grip over wet and promote powerful traction.


Yokohama tyre conducts several quality tests on each and every raw material before starting production. Although, the company imports this finest raw material from all around the world. Also, the company employs incredible german engineering while preparing the e formula of each model. After all, every tyre from Yokohama undergoes several performance tests and certifications just to ensure the consumers that these tyres are worth a shot.

Best Yokohama Tyres

This is the updated list of the performing tyres from Yokohama as of this year:

Avid Touring-S

  • This is the Best All-Season Tire from Yokohama so far. However, this tyre is a pro in promoting proficient handling on wet and dry roads evenly.
  • Besides, the innovative treading of this model aids in better water flushing and thereby promotes better grip over wet roads.
  • This tyre gives utmost comfort and riding stability. Also, this model enhances the noise-free driving experience by eliminating the excess exterior noise.
  • This tyre comes with an exceptional tread warranty and can give an average of 65,000 miles journey in 5 years.

Yokohama Geolandar A/T G015

  • Geolandar is an all-terrain version that enables exceptional performance, especially for off-road driving. Also, these tyres manage the best stability and balance no matter how slippery or muddy the surface is.
  • This tyre is legit in promoting perfect handling on snow.
  • The special treading of this model fosters great traction over wet and dry roads effortlessly. Also, this high traction aids in better grip over any road, especially the snowy regions.
  • After all, this tyre is a pro in promoting better cornering in off-road driving. Also, this model can give an incredible 60,000 miles in its overall lifetime.

Geolandar X-CV

  • This is an all-season premium tyre that can fit many SUVs, passenger cars, and trucks. However, the exceptional traction of this tyre aids in effortless traction over any surface.
  • This model can handle both on-road and off-road driving like a pro.
  • This model eliminates most of the exterior noise while running over any surface, no matter how imperfect the road is. Also, this tyre’s design and advanced tread compound from the house of Yokohama tyre enables excellent wet traction and thereby provides flawless grip over wet and slippery roads.


This is to say that if you are looking to Buy Tyres Reading that suits your road conditions perfectly and be a flawless match for your car, then Yokohama tyres are the best spot for you to dig in. However, this company produces a wide range of tyres that can fit any car from any brand at a very decent price range.

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